Dec 3, 2017

Zaful review

Hi everybody!

Here I am with a new review from Zaful 
This time I ordered a set of makeup brushes, socks and some christmas decorations.

I ordered a Snowman jar for candy and it makes a perfect Christmas decoration. It looks very cool when you fill it with candy all the way.
The next item are these socks. When I saw them they looked really cool because of the writing on them. As you can see it's written "If you can read this bring me a cold beer" on them and it's suuper amazing!

This set of makeup brushes contains 15 brushes. They are all unique and cute. My mom uses them often and I think that I might get some more sets in  the future so I can give them as gifts.
The quality of these brushes is truly amazing!

And the last item in this review are these Santa's suits for forks and knives. They will make your Christmas dinner more special and fun. Besides, if you don't want to palce them in your plate, you can hang them on a tree or somewhere else.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Amazing choice! I love this items, especially socks and Snowman jar. Zaful is great choice for shopping! :) ♥

  2. Beautiful things! Make up brushes are amazing! ♥

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  3. Anonymous3/12/17 17:29

    Great choice! I like brushes!

    New post is on my blog: Adda's life