This is a page where I'll mention all of my collaborations, sponsorships and review posts.



                                      Irresistible me- Jade hair straightening ceramic brush 


                                                      BornPrettyStore- review #1.

                                                          Moj Rokovnik- Review

                                                           Rosegal jeans- Review 

                                            Rosegal Choker- CHOKERS, CHOKERS, CHOKERS

                                                               Miaberlin dresses

                                                    Rosegal- Watch, dress and ring set

                                                                Zaful- outfit

                                                                 Blue Jeans (Rosegal)


                                                   Born Pretty Store (Hair Chalk)

                                                          Style We

                                                    Blue Sneakers (Rosegal, Zaful)
                             The devil pillow and an eyeshadow pallet 😈 (NewChic, Zaful)
                                                         Prom Dresses (

Collaborations with bloggers : 

Christmas makeup looks- Collab post with Sandra Radojkovic  

Post #10 City of Bones - Cassandra Clare


 Coupon codes:

 DodoLashes: kaca_stam

BornPrettyStore: KATAT10

Rosegal:  RosegalVilian 

Zaful: ZafulVilian 

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