Feb 16, 2018

Zaful review

Hello everyone!
I'm doing another review from Zaful.

This time I ordered a makeup brush set, one hoodie and socks :)

I'll start from the hoodie.
As you can see from the pictures' it's red and it has a text "I'm a cat" written on it.
It's comfortable, but a little short for me. I got it in the size M and the material is good. The hood has cat ears on it, and It's so cute :D

Link: HERE

And now the brushes.
The brushes are really great. I love them. They have really good quality and the hair doesn't fall off them at all. The hair on them is really soft and  made of some great material. The set contains 12 brushes.
I love them. The design is ok and I'm sure that I'll order some for my friends!

Link: HERE 

And last, the socks.
They have unicorns all over them and I ordered the for my sister (she's obssesed with horses and unicorns)
She loves them. The size is universal, and the material is great.

Link: HERE


  1. Sve je slatko draga! Uživaj u vikendu! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  2. So sweet! I really like the socks and brushes. The colours are so trendy!

    Best, Gilda

  3. Nice zaful hoodie. I like it!