Feb 18, 2018

Dresslily review

Hello everyone!

Today I'm doing another review form Dresslily 
This time I ordered four things. 
One set of makeup brushes, one LED mirror, makeup bag and one black mask.

I'll start from the LED mirror.
It's amazing! As you can see from the picture, there are small little LED lights around it. You can adjust the brightness of the lights by clicking on a small button. It's like a touch screen button. 
It's super handy and perfect!

Link: HERE

The next item are these makeup brushes. The set contains 7 makeup brushes. They all have rignstones in their handles and they are just perfect.
Also, they are super soft.

Link: HERE

The next item in this review post is this makeup bag. 
Unicorns...again. But what can I do, I have to please my sister haha. 
The material is fine and the item was cheap, so it's practically available to everyone :)

Link: HERE

And the last item in my review is this blackhead mask.
It actually works. It took off like 50% of my blackheads. It's unbeliavable!



  1. Wow, the Led mirror is simply fantastic. Great choices!
    Have a fantastic week.

  2. I have the same mirror and I love it :)

  3. I was intrigue by that Led mirror. And curious with that black mask.