Jan 19, 2018

Zaful review

Hello everyone!

Today I'm doing another review form Zaful.
This time I ordered one shirt and three sets pf makeup brushes.

Let's start.

The first set of brushes contains 20 brushes. They are amazing! The quality is very good and the hair doesn't fall off at all. Easy to wash and use.

Link: HERE

The second set contains 10 brushes, one beauty blender and one brushegg. Everything in this set is amazing! I am very happy with this purchase.

Link: HERE

The last set contains 10 mermaid makeup brushes. They are awesome. Their color is also fantastic as you can see.


And the last thing in this review post is this shirt. I couldn't take a pic because the shirt was washing but..
The material is great, and it fits me, btw I ordered it in the size M.

Link: HERE

Rosegal review

Here I am with a new review from Rosegal.
This time I ordered one concealer palette, one bikini and one set of makeup brushes.

I will start from the brushes. They are amazing! I ordered them before several times and they are really amazing! SO I won't write anything else.

Link: HERE

The bikini is also great. I ordered it size M and it fits me. The top is actually a bit bigger for me, but that's fine. The pattern is good and I really like it :)

Link: HERE 

The concealer palette contains 15 concealers (as you can see). They are creamy and easy appliable. I also ordered them before.
I Recommend :) 

Link: HERE

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Jan 18, 2018

Gamiss Valentines Day Promotion

Gamiss Valentines Day Promotion
Good day babes! February is almost here and what does it mean?  14TH is Valentine’s Day!!! Yessss! I really love all Valentine decoration in shops and every place, restaurants and pubs, also turn extremely beautiful. One of the most asked questions for this special date is what are you going to wear. Don’t worry, you could find in this article a guidebook to a trendy and fashion Valentine’s Day based on Gamiss  valentines day 2018 incredible promotions, that you can find  here:  https://www.gamiss.com/promotion-valentine-sale-special-68/?lkid=12603975 . This guide is going to be focused on three different Valentine’s plans so you can find the perfect look for every occasion:
  1. Special collocation date:  
There’s a theory that wearing these colors, most especially black  and red, makes one looks more sexually attractive. Men and women in red or near red and black are perceived by women as having higher status than men who aren't wearing or near red. You are going to have a very romantic date with your boyfriend.
I suggest you wear a piece of item that is in or have the color black This color isn’t only flattering on any skin tone but also symbolizes confidence.

2. Sisters and Valentines:
Valentine’s day is the perfect day to meet your sister and go to lunch with a two pieces outfit, one for you, Floral Off The Shoulder Top and Mini Skir : https://www.gamiss.com/two-piece-dresses-11483/product694051/?lkid=12603975  and another for your sister, Floral Print Two Piece Shorts Set : https://www.gamiss.com/shorts-11150/product1454968/?lkid=12603975

3.  Single special party:
And to end this guide, a good option is to go out with your friends!!!
if you’re single or in a budding relationship or in a relationship that has just started and/or if wearing red or Black on Valentine’s Day is just too much for you, the next best option is wearing pink or any piece of clothing with a touch of pink. Brighter pinks are youthful, fun, and exciting, while vibrant pinks have the same high energy as red; they are sensual and passionate without being too aggressive. Toning down the passion of red with the purity of white results in the softer pinks that are associated with romance and the blush of a young woman's cheeks.

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. Enjoy it!

Get your Valentine's day game strong with Rosegal

Get your Valentine's day game strong with Rosegal

   Valentine’s Day is coming soon and many of you have probably made plans for the special day. 
Some of you are spending time with your boyfriend/girlfriend, while some of you are going on a
 romantic date. There are many things you can do for those of you who don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend
 or not going on a date. You can for instance have a Valentine’s party or spend time with your friends 
and family. But whatever you choose to do, a Valentine’s Day gift will always brighten up the day.
Rosegal is currently having a valentine’s day gifts 2018 collection where you can find the best valentine’s
 day gifts. We also have Rosegal Valentine’s Day promotion promotions. If you are interested, 
you can find more information in these links:
ind the best valentines gifts for him and her at Rosegal, and save up to 60% off, check out cheap ties,
 shirts and pants for men, necklaces, babydolls and scarves and
 https://www.rosegal.com/?lkid=12603755 . We at Rosegal wish you a wonderful Valentine’s Day,
 filled with much love and happiness.

Rosegal Valentine's Day Gifts 2018

Rosegal Valentine's Day Gifts 2018
It’s soon Valentine’s day, and it’s a special day for many. Some of you might go for a romantic 
date or spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend. But there are many people who are not going 
on a date or have a boyfriend or girlfriend, who must find other ways to spend the day. For instance
, the girls can arrange a sleepover party while the guys can arrange a bachelor party. But whatever
 you plan on Valentine’s day. There might be some of you who don’t know what to wear on that day.
 To help you along the way, we decided to write a Valentine’s Day outfit guidebook, where you can get
 inspiration and advice on what you can wear on that day. We decided to divide it into three parts: 
1. outfit for dating for boyfriends, 2. Sisters installed outfits, 3. Outfit for bachelor party. 
We hope that this Valentine’s Day guidebook is helpful, and we wish everyone to have wonderful 
and great Valentine’s day filled with love and happiness. 

1.Outfits for dating for boyfriends
We picked out these dresses which you can wear for a date. They are very romantic. I
t’s important to wear a dress which is comfortable and which you feel confident in. 
We think that colors like Red or Black are perfect colors to wear for Valentine’s day. 
Red is associated with romance while black is associated with something mysterious.
 For accessories you can for instance wear earrings and necklaces with pearls or diamond details. 
Just dress to impress, keep it simple with not too many details and let your personality shine through.
Outfit 1:

2. Sister installed outfits:
We picked out these sister installed outfits. If you don’t have a boyfriend, not found a date and all 
your friends are other plans. If you are lucky to have a sister, who doesn’t have plans on that day. 
You can make plans together! For instance, go shopping together, making cupcakes, watch a movie 
or go to a party. It would be a lot of fun if you wore matching dresses in different colors.

3. Outfits for bachelor party:
We picked out these outfits to wear for a bachelor party. It’s supposed to be a fun occasion, 
and a great opportunity to dress up a little. At this party, there are single men and women.
 This is a good opportunity for you who are still single. So you have to dress yourself. 
Make yourself look more attractive. A great suit would go well.
Outfit 1:


Have you done all the shopping related to ongoing holidays? You might have thought that the shopping is done,
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Valentine’s day and pleasant shopping !