Apr 10, 2019

Dresslily wishlist

Hi everyone!

Here comes a short wishlist from DresslilyDresslilly  always has some amazing items for everyone!


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Dec 8, 2018

Rosegal review

Hello everyone!

Here I am with another review from Rosegal.
This time I ordered  three items. One super cute sweater, a pack of earrings and one set of makeup brushes. 
Let me start..

Sooo i got this super cool earring pack that contains for earrings. They are nice and they look good. You can actually match them with everything. They are currently sold out but I think they'll be back in stock soon enough :)
Link: HERE

The next item in my review is this sweater/pullower. It has layered sleeves and it's super cozy and warm. It looks great with some light blue jeans and black boots.


And the list item in my review is this set of 32 pink makeup brushes. I ordered one set before and all I can say is that they are perfect! Seriously, they are amazing. You get them in a pink brushes bag that's pretty neat and handy. Unfortunately, they too are currently sold out.

Link: HERE 

Thank you for reading.

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Nov 29, 2018


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Oct 20, 2018

Rosegal Halloween Sale


Hi everyone!

Here comes a short wishlist from Rosegal. Rosegal always has some amazing items for everyone! And since I'm already in a Halloween spirit.I found some items that have Halloween written all over them. Enjoy, and make sure to visit Rosegal's Halloween sale


Oct 6, 2018

How To Have a Flat Tummy / Kako do ravnog stomaka

These days all you can hear on the news and read on the internet is how girls are starving themselves just to have a perfect body.Well guess what? Perfect body doesn't exist.And you don't need to starve yourself just to fit in a very tight skinny jeans.
If you want to have a slimmer body, you need to change your habits and exercise! Daily!
Here are some tips on how you can get a slimmer belly.

Ovih dana sve sto mozete cuti u vestima ili procitati na internetu je kako devojke drze razne dijete i izgladnjuju sebe samo da bi imale savrseno telo.Pa znate sta? Savrseno telo ne postoji.I ne treba da izgladnjujete sebe samo da biste stale u svoje omiljene uske farmerke.
Ako zelite mrsavije telo, treba da promenite svoje navike i da vezbate! Svakodnevno!
Evo nekoliko saveta o tome kako da imate tanji stomak.

1.Drink lots of water! 
You always need to drink water, but It's especially important if you are trying to flatten your belly.
Daily you should drink at least 2 liters of water (8 US liquid cups).When you say it that way if sounds like It's a lot but water will speed up your metabolism, and it will help your body in many other ways.

1.Pijte dosta vode!
Uvek treba da pijete vodu, ali je to posebno bitno ukoliko zelite da imate ravan stomak.
Dnevno treba da popijete barem 2 litra vode.Kada se tako kaze zvuci kao da je to previse, ali voda ce ubrzati vas metablizam, i pomoci vasem telu na mnogim drugim nacinima.

2. Avoid carbonated drinks 
Drinks like Coca-Cola and Pepsi have gas in them.And when you drink them that gas can make your tummy bloat.So just stay away of those drinks. 

2. Izbegavajte gazirana pica
Sokovi poput Koka-Kole i Pepsija sadrze gasove u sebi.Ti gasovi mogu izazvati nadutost i otecenost vaseg stomaka.Bolje ih se klonite. 

3. Say "No" to candy
 We all love sweets and candies but if you wanna have a flat tummy, you gotta say NO to them.

3. Recite "Ne" slatkisima
Svi mi volimo da jedemo slatkise.Zar ne? Ali ako zelite ravan stomak morate reci NE sebi svaki put kada posegnete za njima.

4. Eat fruits and vegetables
Eat bananas, pineapples, mangoes, avocados and all of the fruit and vegetables that are full of vitamins.You will stay healthy and full of energy.

4. Jedite voce i povrce  
Jedite banane, ananase, jedite mango i avokado i svo voce i povrce koje je puno vitamina.Ostacete zdravi i puni energije.

5. Exercise!
If you start exercising and if you follow this tipsyou will see progress.
I wish you good luck!
At the end of this post I'll post some of the flat tummy exercises that I hope will help you. :)

5. Vezbajte !
Ako pocnete da vezbate i ukoliko pratite ove savete, videcete napredak.
Zelim vam srecu u ostvarenju cilja.
Ispod cu postaviti neke vezbe koje vam mogu pomoci. :)

That is all for this post, thank you for reading.See you soon!

To bi bilo sve za ovaj post, hvala sto ste procitali.Vidimo se uskoro!  :)

Sep 29, 2018

Fall Fashion Trends

Fall is already heree. Huh.
I'm not a big fan of this season. I just hate all the rains, bad weather and coldness outside.
Despite all of that, us girls won't let the bad weather stop us from dressing and looking stylish.
Let me show you some of the outfits that are so "in" this season!

Ladies, invest in a pair of high waisted pants, they are sooo in this season.

Add an unexpected pop of color to your look in the form of a bright hued jacket.

Double up on denim with a modern-twist on the Canadian tux. Take note from Gigi Hadid and add a pair of sock boots to really take the look to the next level.

Cowboy boots are back everybody!

An army green bomber adds a cool edge to a knit maxi dress—just add a crossbody bag and sneakers.

Will you be wearing any of these pieces this fall? Let me know :)