Dec 16, 2017

Zaful Review #1

Hello everyone!

Today I'm doing another review form Zaful.
This time I ordered four items. Two sets of shoulder bags, a set of makeup brushes and an earring. And I will be probably doing this post in two parts, so this is part one.
Here I will be doing a review of the two shoulder bag sets.

Here we go.

The first set contains three bags. One big, one medium and the third one is more of a wallet then a bag. This set I ordered for my mom, and the other one for my grandma (for her birthday).
Both of them like their bags really much.
About this set, it's made of PU leather and it's kind of a rough PU but it's great. As you can see, on the big bag there is a letter F attached to the bag, but that can be taken off if you like to keep it simple. As for my mom, she thinks that It breaks the monotony so she kept it there.


The second set contains four bags. One big, one medium, the third one is more like a wallet, and a small bag for credit cards.
 I ordered it for my grandma for her birthday, which was on the first December, but bags arrived two days ago, so I gave them to her them.
They are also made of PU leather and they look really good. She adores them and I hope that she will wear them often.

 Thanks for reading!

Zaful review

Hello everyone!

Today I'm doing another review form Zaful.
This time I ordered one sweater, mermaid makeup brushes and an eyeshadow palette  

I'll start from the sweater.
 I got it in ombre pink and white color, and in one size (form XS to M). It fits me perfectly and it's very soft and cozy.  It's fluffy and warm, perfect for this cold weather.
I am sure that I will wear it very often. You can see it for yourself, it's amazing!

The next item in this review are Mermaid Makeup brushes. This set contains six amazing brushes!
In this set you have brushes for eyeshadow and for conture/blush. They're great, and I will probably order more in the future!

And the last item in this review is this eyeshadow palette. It contains60 eyeshadows, six blushes and 12 lipsitcks. Unfortunately, it came to me a bit damaged. While traveling, some of the shadows fall out and then messed up the rest, as you can see. But I can still use it so that's good.

Thanks for reading!

Dec 5, 2017

Dresslily Wishlist

Hi everyone!

Here comes a short wishlist from Dresslily. Dresslilly  always has some amazing items for everyone! And since I'm already in a Christmas spirit I found some items that have Christmas written all over them.Enjoy

Links: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9  10

High Waisted Velvet bra set

Hello everyone!

Today I'm doing another review form Zaful.
This time I ordered one set of underwear. This is a bra set that's made of velvet.
The material (velvet) is really pleasant and comfortable. Panties are wide and they are actually boxers and very comfortable to wear. When you wear them you feel like you are not wearing any underwear.
I got this set in the M size and I think that this size can be universal because the set is very stretchy.

Set wasn't that expensive, it's costed around $15 I think. You can also get them in different colors since they are available in pink. green and blue. But I kinda liked this red the most.

I will use this set of underwear just for sleeping because I don't think that it would be comfortable to wear them under some clothes.
Also, this can be a perfect Christmas gift for someone who likes these kind of stuff. 

Once again Zaful showed us that it has the most amazing clothes!
I will definitely order more of this sets in different colors in the future.

Link: HERE

Dec 3, 2017

Zaful review

Hi everybody!

Here I am with a new review from Zaful 
This time I ordered a set of makeup brushes, socks and some christmas decorations.

I ordered a Snowman jar for candy and it makes a perfect Christmas decoration. It looks very cool when you fill it with candy all the way.
The next item are these socks. When I saw them they looked really cool because of the writing on them. As you can see it's written "If you can read this bring me a cold beer" on them and it's suuper amazing!

This set of makeup brushes contains 15 brushes. They are all unique and cute. My mom uses them often and I think that I might get some more sets in  the future so I can give them as gifts.
The quality of these brushes is truly amazing!

And the last item in this review are these Santa's suits for forks and knives. They will make your Christmas dinner more special and fun. Besides, if you don't want to palce them in your plate, you can hang them on a tree or somewhere else.

Thanks for reading!

Rosegal review

Here I am with a new review from Rosegal.
This time I ordered two sets of makeup brushes and four beauty blenders.

This first set contains 18 makeup brushes. They are just perfect. In this set you have all sorts of brushes from the eyebrow and eyeshadow brush to foundation and blush brush.
You can get them in different colors and I got my set in black.

I ordered four beauty blenders in different colors. They are good and really soft. My mom didn't use them yet but I am sure that with them you can easily blend and put makeup on. Their price is very low so they can make a perfect small gift for makeup fanatics.

 Thank you for reading!