Feb 3, 2018

Yoins' bikinis

Hello everyone!

Today I will be presenting you an online shopping site called Yoins.
This is my second time collaborating with them, and I'm happy they gave me another chance. The site sells warderobe for women. So there you have latest sexy dresses for woman , or stylish sexy lingerie online sale , everything that one women needs, seriously.

Anyway, the bikini season is on it's way, so I thought that maybe I could show you some bikinis and swimwears that I liked from Yoins.  
I chose 3 swimsuits that look so good and perfect. And each one of these bikinis is special in it's own way. You can for sure find the perfect bikini for you on this site.

So, let me show you. 

I don't like these kind of sequins much but this bikini just looks really good. I think that it's a push up bra but I'm not sure. It's available in sizes 4,6,8 and 10, and in three different colors.

Link: HERE

This bikini looks so ordinary, but classy. It's available in six sizes, and it's really cheap. It costs $16, and for the friction of the price you get one super comfortable and sexy bikini.

Link; HERE

 And the last bikini is this flowerish one. 
From all the bikinis I mentioned in this post, this one is my favorite. It's cute and just perfect. And it also doesn't cost much money. 

Link: HERE

I hope you've liked this post! Also, visit Yoins :)