Feb 1, 2018

Zaful review

I'm doing another review from Zaful. I ordered one set of makeup brushes and one unicorn hoodie.

The brushes are really great. I love them. They have really good quality and the hair doesn't fall off them at all. The hair on them is really soft and  made of some great material. The set contains 12 brushes.
I love them. The design is ok and I'm sure that I'll order some for my friends!

Link: HERE

I personally don't like unicorns. I don't get what's all the fuss about them. I just ordered this hoodie for my sister, and unfortunately forgot to take a pic of it before i gave it to her. She's on a vacation now so she can't send me the pic.
The material is great. I ordered it in the size M and in the color Pink. It fits her perfectly and she really, really likes it. She wants to get it in all the other colors so maybe I'll order it for her again!

Link: HERE

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