Nov 8, 2017

Rose gold watch

Hi everybody!

Here I am with a new review from Zaful 
This time I ordered one wrist watch and two packs of mermaid brushes.

The wrist watch is amazing! I ordered one for my mom. It's in the color rose gold and it's so unexpencive! It costs only five dollars. My mom loves it and she wears it all the time!

The first set of makeup brushes contains 15 brushes. They are all unique and cute. My mom uses them often and I think that I might get some more sets in  the future so I can give them as gifts.
The quality of these brushes is truly amazing!

The second set contains 6 mermaid brushes. They have been a big hit since the start of this year so I ordered them before and also now for my friend! 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Isti sat mi je stigao nedavno i moram priznati da čak izgleda bolje uživo, nego na sajtu, a i ove četkice sam nedavno poručila i čekam da mi stignu, ali, koliko vidim izgledaju identično kao na sajtu. Predivan haul

    Delilah's Stories | Filmtastično

  2. Wow, that wrist watch is fantastic! I love the rose gold golor and even i I have several wrist watches I still don't have a rose gold one...
    Wish you a beautiful weekend.
    Flo from

  3. Predivan haul! Odusevljena sam satom. Izgleda tako bredirano i firmirano!
    Odlicna recenzija draga moja Katarina. Divne fotografije.

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