Nov 8, 2017

Diamond shaped brushes

Hi everbody!

Here I am with a new review from Rosegal. You already know about Rosegal and their perfect clothes! They often have amazing promotions and disscount codes so make sure to check out Rosegal's fall Clothes 2017 promotion and I also have a coupone code for you. Use  Rosegallins to get 10-20% off your order.

This time I ordered one male sweater, 32 makeup brushes and a set of diamond brushes.

The sweater is for my dad. It's red and very cozy and warm. He really likes it and he wears it all the time. We got it in the size XXL even though my dad wears size L, but our European sizes and the sizes from Rosegal are not the same. It fits him well and the material is great.

The next item are these 32 makeup brushes in a PU leather bag. They are amazing!
They are wooden and I think that the hair is synthetic. I really really like them. Totally recommend you to but these!

And the last item in this review post are these diamond makeup brushes.
One of my favorite set of brushes of all time!
The set contains 20 brushes that are just amazing! The quality is great and the hair is soft and just amazing!

I hope that you liked this review. Which one of these items do you like the most?
Thank you for reading!


  1. Super post. Cetkice izgledaju premocno na prvi pogled.

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  2. Presavršen haul. Koliko su samo četkice prelijepe *O*

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