Nov 10, 2017

Sammydress review part: #1

Hi everybody!

Here I am with a new review from Sammydress. My package finally arrived and I'll make two review posts because I ordered five items. Those items are: one army jacket, a set of makeup brushes, wrist watch, a concealer palette and some kind of a toy for my cat hehe.
In this post I will be reviewing my super cool new jacket and a set of makeup brushes.
So let's go.

The jacket is very cozy and warm. The material is amazing and inside the jacket you have warm faux fur. I got it in the size L, and I'm glad I did because if I got it in the size M (like I usually wear) it would've been small for me.
The color I ordered it in is army green, but it reality the color of the jacket is more like brown than green. That doesn't bother me because the jacket in general is fantastic.

The makeup brush set contains 12 brushes that come in a metal case.
They were all packed separately in little bags and none of them was damaged.  In this set you have  powder brushes, eyeshadow brushes, eyebrow brush,  lip brush, eyeliner brush and etc.
They are amazing and I'm very happy with my order.

Anyway, guys, make sure to check out Sammydress' fall Clothes 2017 promotion it's really awesome.
And that's not all. I have a big coupon code for you. Use this code:  SammydressChen to get 10-20% off your next order.

Thank you for reading, and make sure to read the next part of the review hehe. Byeeeeeeeee!


  1. Woow! Jakna je predobraa *--*
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  2. Divna selekcija, imam sličnu jaknu i odlična je za zimu, nadam se da ćeš i ti svoju nositi :D

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  3. Amazing post, keep up the great work!

  4. What a beautiful blog you've got here!

  5. This is a really great post! I really like the jacket.