Aug 3, 2018

Cool hair color trends that everyone likes

In the past few years girls gone insane for the rainbow hair colors.The trend was so popular that even the celebrities from Katy Perry to Kim Kardashian were rocking the shades. But lately, more and more trends are appearing, and now we have granny hair for example, and much more. I did this kind of post back in 2016. and I thought I should post and update it a bit.

So without further ado I present to you four hair style/colors that you'll find cute and cool.

l.The blue Hair

2. Opal hair

Thesegirls' blend of blue, green and pink with some hints of purple look completely awesome. They are rocking 
the style

3. Sea green 

Okay, I know that sea punk is done.But how amazing does this sea green hair color looks on these girls.

4. Peach 

Powder pink is so last season.But peach color is so cool.
You can even play with shades, or you can try ombre for a special look.

Which one of these styles do u like the most? 
Hope u enjoyed, see ya'



  1. I like the peach one looks sexy for me.

  2. I love opal the most, I wanna dye my hair an unnatural color at least once in my life x)