Jul 28, 2018

Best night of my life 25.3.2018

I'm a teenager. I support many artists and I'm going crazy about some of them...
Since September 2017. I've been going crazy about two boys (singers) from Norway, Marcus and Martinus. They are a rising pop sensation!  I won't tell you how I actually became their fan (MMer), no, I'll tell you about the night of the concert in Belgrade!

Aaah 25.3.2018. was seriously the best night of my life!
Some of you probably know how it feels to see your idol right in front of while they are singing your favorite songs. The feeling is AMAZING!

Let's start like this..:

First of all, I want you to know that my parents didn't let me go to the concert at first. (M&M  announced it on 21st of Noveber 2017). I was going crazy! You have no idea how much I was craving and thinking of that concert. But my parents kept saying no. Anyway, cause I am sooooo stubborn I eventually won the tickets and then they had to let me go hehe.
They even drove me there themsevlves! They softened so much cause they saw how much this concert actually means to me (and that I'm crazy so I'll get my way anyways), they were even mad at the judges that I didn't won meet&greet.

THen the 25.3. came. We left early for Belgrade and came there at 4 o'clock. Just the right time, cause concert was starting at 7 and they were letting fans in at 5.

After we got in and took our places, me and my other family were boiling cause it was tooooo hot inside. Also some girls were pushing eachother so it was even harder to stand there for two hours and then more after the concert starts. I ofc managed to do all of that. I was with my ibf (internet best friend) until people seperated us and time I spent with her was amazing!

After the concert started there was a lot of crying, dancing, singing and sweating.
I filmed almost every part of the concert. Tho almost all of my videos are blurry cause I was jumping and singing my lungs out.
At one moment. The boys were coming down the stage and the run in front of us, while they were touching our hands.  THEY TOUCHED MY HAND. BOTH OF THEM.
If I didn't fainted then, I never will..

I have a feeling that all of that passed really fast. Right after the concert ended I went home full with memories, happiness and sadness at the same time. Ugh, no as I remember all of that it makes me wanna cry, cause I don't know if I'll ever see them live again.
But my dream is to hug them both and tell them how much they and their music have influence on me. I just love them so much :)

My fanpage: @marcusanndmartinusserbia


  1. I've heard about them this year and I really like them and their songs. I'm so happy that you had that opportunity to meet them and touch their hands. I also like your blog and I'm a new follower! <3

    Minnah's Life

  2. I really like this post. And I'm really happy for you ❤️❤️❤️

    For all teenagers

  3. I'm so happy you were there and had a good time! <3


  4. Looks like your having so much fun. Just enjoy life!

  5. Świetny post <3 bardzo mi się podoba :* oraz super blog :) obserwuję i zostaję tu na dłużej :D zapraszam http://mysterious-natalia.blogspot.com/

  6. Great night to enjoy. Hope you had a good time.

  7. It was a dream come true to you that you meet, Im happy for you.

  8. You're having fun with your favorite artist!

  9. You are enjoying!have fun.

  10. You enjoyed a lot and that's great! have fun!