Dec 16, 2017

Zaful review

Hello everyone!

Today I'm doing another review form Zaful.
This time I ordered one sweater, mermaid makeup brushes and an eyeshadow palette  

I'll start from the sweater.
 I got it in ombre pink and white color, and in one size (form XS to M). It fits me perfectly and it's very soft and cozy.  It's fluffy and warm, perfect for this cold weather.
I am sure that I will wear it very often. You can see it for yourself, it's amazing!

The next item in this review are Mermaid Makeup brushes. This set contains six amazing brushes!
In this set you have brushes for eyeshadow and for conture/blush. They're great, and I will probably order more in the future!

And the last item in this review is this eyeshadow palette. It contains60 eyeshadows, six blushes and 12 lipsitcks. Unfortunately, it came to me a bit damaged. While traveling, some of the shadows fall out and then messed up the rest, as you can see. But I can still use it so that's good.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, I like this palette ^_^
    Nice haul!

  2. Lovely products, the sweater is so cool!
    Wish you a beautiful evening!