Dec 16, 2017

Zaful Review #1

Hello everyone!

Today I'm doing another review form Zaful.
This time I ordered four items. Two sets of shoulder bags, a set of makeup brushes and an earring. And I will be probably doing this post in two parts, so this is part one.
Here I will be doing a review of the two shoulder bag sets.

Here we go.

The first set contains three bags. One big, one medium and the third one is more of a wallet then a bag. This set I ordered for my mom, and the other one for my grandma (for her birthday).
Both of them like their bags really much.
About this set, it's made of PU leather and it's kind of a rough PU but it's great. As you can see, on the big bag there is a letter F attached to the bag, but that can be taken off if you like to keep it simple. As for my mom, she thinks that It breaks the monotony so she kept it there.


The second set contains four bags. One big, one medium, the third one is more like a wallet, and a small bag for credit cards.
 I ordered it for my grandma for her birthday, which was on the first December, but bags arrived two days ago, so I gave them to her them.
They are also made of PU leather and they look really good. She adores them and I hope that she will wear them often.

 Thanks for reading!