Jan 2, 2018

Donkey onesie

Hello everyone!

This is my second review today. I'm doing a review from Gamiss site.
I ordered two sets of makeup brushes, and one onesie.

I'll start from the onesie.
I've been wanting to buy one onesie for a long time, now I finally got it.
I ordered the one with the donkey hoodie and tail, In the size L. It's a bit big for me but that's just fine.
It's suuuuuuuuper comfortable and material is sooo amazing. It keeps you warm and it's very soft.
Sorry for the blury photo

And now, the makeup brushes.
I ordered two sets. One set contains 32 brushes, while the other one contains seven.
The set of 32 makeup brushes is amazing! It has a wooden handle and the hair is so soft and good.

The second set has wand shaped handle. The hair is also soft and it doesn't fall out at all.
The great thing is that both of these sets are really cheap and affordable. For the low price you can get brushes just like the professional ones.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Super stvarčice, onesie mi je omiljeni 😍


  2. Interesantan post, draga.

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  3. Predivan haul, zaista preslatke stvari! Cetkice su bozanstvene.

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  4. Anonymous2/1/18 20:57

    Onesie je divan. Tvoj izbor je jako lep.

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