Aug 10, 2016

Post #6 Back to school supplies

Post #7 Back to school supplies 

New school year is just around the corner.Another chapter of education will begin an we need to be ready.I hate going back to school but I love going shopping for the supplies.

So first thing that we all need is a cute and cool backpack.
You can get this backpack at Walmart for just $9.88.It's cute it's small and practical.So yeah I like it.

2.  The second thing you need is a really cool pencil case.Here's a picture of one that you can get at ASOS for only $6.00.  (Yeah lets all be mermaids. :) )

3. We all need notebooks right?
This one is Bethany Mota Color Your Own Dream Catcher Notebook.I absolutely love this notebook!She did a great job designing it.
At Target right now it costs only 2,99 .

These ones are so cool too.You can also get them at Target for $4,00 .

4. We will also need pens, pencils,sharpeners, rubbers, rulers and highlighters.

 I use highlighters for studying and things like that.They are always nice to have.






 That is all i think.It's a little short post.I hope you've enjoyed this, and I guess I'll see you soon. Greetings!






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